Small child on board – jet lag and motivation

I’ve started blogs multiple times, with ambitious plans for inspiring posts, perfectly constructed pictures and timely updates. Each time, a sparse handful of posts down, the dream dies, the password is forgotten and the page is lost in the depths of the internet. Yet here I am, 3.58 am to be precise, with a small giggling toddler who for the 4th night in a row has woken at 3am (fucking jet lag) and is smearing face cream on my cheek while repeating back lines from the Paw Patrol episode currently blaring, giving it another try.

I am Rebecca, a 28 year old living in the north east of England. My partner, John, and I are attempting to raise our 2.5year old toddler (parrot/small human/ruler of the house) Ivy in our first home together while trying not to lose our sanity (said child has now turned to licking my knees, no shower needed for me today). So, let’s give this blogging another try, at least it will help fill these early hours of torture.

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